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Harmonize Your Health: Unlocking The Natural Benefits Of Shilajit For Wellness

Wave Farewell To Fatigue, Mood Swings, And Low Energy. Embrace Shilajit, Rediscover Your Vitality, And Feel Your Best Again!

Find Out Why Over 50,000 Individuals Worldwide Are Revitalizing Their Health With Lyflong Ayurveda Shilajit

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Works Like Magic

Shilajit resin has been a game changer for my daily vigor. I've noticed a sustained boost in energy without any downsides. It's a top-tier natural enhancer!

Alex Johnson.

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Himalayan Vitality: Pure Lyflong Shilajit

Lyflong Ayurveda Shilajit brings you the healing touch of the Himalayas. Our Shilajit is pure, full of minerals, and ready to boost your health and energy. It's nature's secret for your well-being.

The Lyflong Ayurveda Promise

Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging

General Wellness

General Wellness

Improve Cognitive Function

Improve Cognitive Function


Increase Strength

Regain Energy

Boost Energy

Regain Energy

Promotes General Wellness

How Is Lyflong Ayurveda Shilajit Different?

We know there are lots of different solutions out there.
Wondering why this would work when others have failed?

Lyflong Ayurveda Shilajit
3 Reasons You’ll Love Lyflong Ayurveda Shilajit
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Potent And Pure

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Pure Goodness

Harvested With Care, Our Shilajit Is All-Natural And Free From Any Additives. Experience The Untouched Purity Of Nature.

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Your Daily Boost

Integrate The Strength Of The Mountains Into Your Day With Our Shilajit Resin. Enhance Your Well-Being, The Natural Way.

Works Like Magic

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Shilajit

Shilajit Is An Ancient Herbal Substance Containing A Wide Spectrum Of Minerals And Trace Elements The Human Body Needs To Function Optimally And Fulvic Acid Which Helps The Body Absorb These Minerals At A Cellular Level. Shilajit Has Been Consumed As A Dietary Supplement And Super Food For Thousands Of Years In India And Asia Because Of The Many Benefits It Provides.

It Has Been Used In The Traditional Ayurvedic Wellness System Of India For Thousands Of Years For A Variety Of Health Benefits And Is Considered To Be An Important Rasayana (Rejuvenator). Shilajit Is A Sanskrit Word Meaning “Rock-Invincible”, “Conqueror Of Mountains”, Or “Destroyer Of Weakness”. It Is Believed To Be A Powerful Adaptogen, Which Balances And Strengthens The Body Allowing It To Function At An Optimal Level. Ancient Texts Also Refer To Shilajit As The “Elixir Of Evergreen Life”.

Ayurveda Also Considers Shilajit To Be An Adaptogen, Or An Herb That Supports The Body’s Natural Resistance To Stress. It Has Also Been Used By Many Traditional Ayurvedic Practitioners As A Catalyst To Boost The Strength Of Other Herbal Supplements.

The Potency Of Shilajit Is Considered To Be Dependent Upon The Area, Altitude, Type And Color Of Rock It Is Collected From, As Well As The Purification Technique Used To Separate The Shilajit From The Rock.

What Does Modern Scientific Research Say About Shilajit?

Scientific Research Has Identified Micro Minerals, Trace Elements And Organic Humic/Fulvic Acids In Shilajit As Well As Antioxidant Properties. These Elements Validate The Health Supporting Characteristics Long Ascribed To Shilajit By Ayurveda.

Essential Minerals And Trace Elements Are Well Established As Vital To Many Different Functions And Processes In The Body. Fulvic And Humic Acids Have More Recently Been Discovered To Enhance Bioavailability Of Nutrients.

What Do Ancient Texts Say About Shilajit?

The Charaka Samhita (5000 Year Old Ayurvedic Text) Address Shilajit In A Chapter On Rejuvenation Therapy (Rasayana). It Claims That Shilajit Is Effective For All Imbalances When Used At The Right Time And In Combination With Appropriate Herbal Formulas. It Also Mentions That When A Healthy Person Consumes Shilajit It Results In Strength, Stamina And Energy.

The Sushruta Samhita (3000 Year Old Ayurvedic Text) Echoes These Benefits And States That, When Shilajit Is Taken Regularly, It Promotes A Complexion And Strength Of The Body.

The Astanga Hrdayam (Essence Of The Eight Branches Of Ayurveda) Also Details The Many Benefits Of Shilajit And Declares That It Is The Best Rejuvenator.

How Is It Made And Purified?

At Lyflong Ayurveda, Our Shilajit Is A Testament To The Transformative Power Of Nature. Originating From The Majestic Mountains Of India And Tibet, Our Shilajit Is A Result Of Millions Of Years Of Natural Alchemy. Over Time, Plants And Organic Matter Become Ensnared Within The Layers Of Rock, Subjected To Immense Pressure And The Dramatic Temperature Shifts Of The Himalayas, Ultimately Forming The Rich Mineral Mass We Know As Shilajit. Resembling The Preciousness Of A Diamond In The Herbal Realm, This Resinous Substance Emerges, Glistening On Steep Cliffs During The Summer Months.

For Generations, The Mountain Dwellers Of The Himalayas Have Meticulously Hand-Collected This Invaluable Gift Of Nature. At Lyflong Ayurveda, We Honor This Tradition By Purifying Our Shilajit Using Time-Honored Tibetan Methods, Employing Only The Purest Mountain Spring Water In The Process. Unlike Other Brands, We Refrain From Using Solvents, Standardization, Or Any Commercial Processing, Ensuring The Utmost Authenticity And Purity Of Our Product.

Our Purification Technique Follows The Traditional Tibetan Method, Renowned For Yielding The Purest Resin. Rocks Containing Shilajit Are Carefully Broken Apart And Immersed In Pristine Mountain Spring Water. Through A Meticulous Filtration Process, Shilajit Dissolves Into The Water While Sediment Is Meticulously Removed. This Cycle Is Repeated Seven Times, Resulting In Ultra-Pure Shilajit. In The Final Step, Any Residual Moisture Is Eliminated Through Gentle Heating, Safeguarding Against Any Potential Microbes Or Spores, While Preserving The Integrity Of Essential Minerals And Fulvic Acids.

At Lyflong Ayurveda, Safety And Purity Are Paramount. We Subject All Our Purified Shilajit To Rigorous Testing At A Third-Party, Eurofins Registered Laboratory, Ensuring That Every Batch Meets The Highest Standards Of Quality. With Lyflong Ayurveda Shilajit, Experience The True Essence Of Nature’s Vitality, Free From Any Compromise In Purity Or Safety.

How Shilajit Works?

Many Health Concerns Can Be Attributed To Deficiencies In Essential Minerals Or Nutrients. Modern Agricultural Practices, Including Intensive Chemical Farming And Irrigation, Have Led To The Depletion Of Natural Minerals And Beneficial Microbes From Our Soil And The Plants It Supports. Shilajit Provides A Solution By Supplying Vital Minerals, Trace Elements, And Abundant Fulvic Acid, Essential For Cellular Energy Reactions And Effective Mineral Transport Deep Within The Body. Shilajit’s Minerals Are Present In Ionic Form, Ensuring Efficient Absorption And Distribution To Areas Of Greatest Need.

In Ayurveda, Shilajit Is Esteemed As A “Rasayana” Or Rejuvenating Substance. It Is Believed To Possess The Unique Ability To Imbue The Essence Of Various Bodily Tissue Systems (Dhatus). For Example, It Enhances The Shape-Giving Aspect Of Muscles (Mamsa), The Life-Giving Aspect Of Blood (Rakta), And The Knowledge-Bestowing Aspect Of The Marrow/Nervous System (Maja).

Shilajit’s Applications In Ayurvedic Practices Are Renowned, Known To Support Increased Energy, Enhanced Mental Clarity, And Expedited Muscle Recovery. It Is Celebrated In India For Its Positive Effects On Reproductive Health In Both Men And Women, Representing A Cornerstone Of Holistic Wellness In Ayurvedic Tradition.

How Do I Take Shilajit?

For Consumption, Dissolve The Shilajit In Hot, Non-Chlorinated Water, Tea, Or Warm Milk And Consume. Alternatively, You Can Dissolve It Under Your Tongue Or Swallow A Portion With Water If The Taste Is Disagreeable.

We Suggest Beginning With A Portion The Size Of A Rice Grain To A Pea, Taken One To Three Times Daily For Overall Well-Being. You Can Adjust The Amount For Increased Energy And Effectiveness.

Ready To Revive Your Energy?

Discover The Stories Of Wellness Transformation With Lyflong Ayurveda’s Shilajit. People Everywhere Are Feeling More Alive And Sharper Than Ever.

Find Out How Our Shilajit Is Making A Real Difference Every Day.

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